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Areas of Expertise
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Vancouver, Canada

As a leadership and team-building trainer, Allan has developed and delivered programs to colleges, universities, hospitals, and the corporate world. He has mentored entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior management from some of North America�s top-ranked companies. He is also a popular media personality and commentator in Canada and the United States, having hosted a nationally syndicated business radio show on the Talk America radio network. As a speaker he has addressed thousands across Canada and the United States, and captured a worldwide audience through his web-related media appearances. Allan gained his knowledge through first-hand experience as a business owner, �serial� entrepreneur, ...See All


BA Sociology, University of Montana. Professional Teachers Certificate, University of British Columbia

Experience and Distinctions

Director, South Fraser Broadcasting, Richmond B.C. Chairman, Community Advisory Board, Radio Station C-ISL 650, Richmond, B.C. Chairman, Educational Division, United Way, Edmonton, Alberta Board Member, Northern Alberta Children�s Hospital Foundation, Edmonton, Alberta Board Member, Edmonton Concert Hall Foundation, Edmonton, Alberta Guest Speaker and Panel Member for UBC Enterprise Conference, UBC Sauder School of Business Mentor, UBC Sauder School of Business Member, British Columbia Association of Social Workers, Vancouver B.C. Member, Rotary Club of West Vancouver/Vancouver Arbutus PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS (Past) Founding President, Association of Fund Raising Professionals of B.C. (NSFRE) Founding President, Alberta Association of Fund Raising Executives Board Member, ...See All

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Zen Executive Coaching (1 hour)   ($125) [+] Show More Info

A new paradigm is developing in the world of business. It’s called the “Triple Bottom Line”. For many it simply means making more money, but in different ways. To others, who are on their own journey and discovery of a greater purpose, they see a shift in the traditional way we approach building a company and a life. It is for those new 21st century thinking leaders that the Zen Executive Coaching program has been designed.Zen Executive Coaching is for CEO’s Senior and Middle Managers of mid-large sized companies.

Zen Mentoring Session (1 Hour)   ($85) [+] Show More Info

Zen Mentoring is especially designed for the small business owner, free agent, entrepreneur, independent professional and employees. Each session is customized to your individual needs. ZM is a unique one to one support system that combines traditional Western thought with a new more enlightened Eastern philosophy of seeking answers to the daily challenges of business and life. Zen Mentoring is offered to those who are experiencing a new direction and purpose in their lives. They have made a conscious decision to become a more passionate, purposeful and creative person.

ZenBiz BluePrint For Life Course (3 hours)    ($255) [+] Show More Info

A new paradigm has arrived in the world of business “one in which the personal and professional must be aligned for optimal blended bottom- line success. The Zen Business Blueprint Course is designed for the small business owner, independent professional, thought leader and entrepreneur who desire new answers to the daily challenges of business and life. Each personal session is customized to your individual need as a unique form of support which combines proven Western business practices with individual counseling and simple, timeless Eastern philosophic truths.

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Allan Holender
Career Development > Social Enterprise
Recorded: Jan 17, 2013 at 08:00 pm EST
This workshops is about creating your true purpose and passion in life which is generally birthed at 10 years old. At some point in your life you will be doing what you loved to do most when you were ten years old, and that will be your true passion and love that makes you happy and fulfilled. Until then you are just doing a job. So, you might as well re-create that little ten year old now so you start feeling happy today.
"While an entrepreneur creates a business, a zentrepreneur creates a business and a life"- Stuart Avery Gold. To set out the path to becoming a Zentrepreneur is to create your "Ten And Zen Life Map".Several years ago I attended a seminar with the renowned speaker and mentor, Jim Rohn. He asked us all what we did for a living, and the responses ranged from chartered accountant to a radio broadcaster. I was the broadcaster. He then asked us what we liked to do most when we were ten years old. Everyone's face lit up as we went around the room recounting our stories. I recalled that when I was ten my father built a makeshift radio station in our den , with an amplifier and records to spin, records like a real DJ. It was there in my make believe radio station, broadcasting to my mother on a nine inch speaker in the kitchen that I found true happiness. With my Mom as my number one fan, I did indeed find my true passion-broadcasting. Rohn's theory was just this; whatever we loved to do when we were ten years old, was what we would wind up doing at some point in our life. This would become our true passion and our greatest enjoyment. Until that time, we were just doing our jobs.That was so brilliant to me that I now call it "Ten and Zen".So here's the big "Ten and Zen" question for you now: What did you love to do when you were ten years old?.This workshop begins with revisiting your life at the age of about ten years old. Your goal here is to recreate your life since then comparing the highlights with what you liked to do when you were ten. See where your ultimate purpose and your true gifts expressed even when you weren't aware of them then. Find the forks in the road of your life where you went in the wrong direction, so you can start creating your Ten and Zen Life Map from this point forward. You may find that there were certain words that you used to use, a mindset that you used to have or actions that used to make you happy. This process may help you to find a personal alignment with something that used to be familiar to you and you somehow misplaced along the way. Find what made you happy then so you can pull it forward into your life for a more robust expression now.