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Learn reliable techniques that will get your creative juices going. Step into your creative flow by tapping into your insight, inspiration, and out of box thinking. Join experts Laura Emerald and Harry Kroner in a down to earth, practical approach, to tapping into your genius.
Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor ones own and other people's emotions to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. According to Inc. Magazine, the higher the ranking title (such as CEO) the lower the emotional intelligence. Over time lack of emotional intelligence impacts behavior as well as promotions. If you are serious about climbing the career ladder, emotional intelligence is a must. Join us for this two part series where Elizabeth will explain what emotional intelligence is, why it's important and how to develop the skill. This course is beneficial in work situations or in your personal life.
We've all been to meetings that bore us to tears. Instead of paying attention, we find our minds drifting off. Join Elizabeth's webinar to learn how to write a presentation that is fluid, concise and interesting. Presentation is perfect for managers, employees or anyone that has a fear of public speaking. From content to design and images, Elizabeth can help make any meeting powerful.
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Elizabeth Lions is an executive coach, speaker and consultant to the most powerful executives that keep Corporate America rolling. She is also a three time author, with her latest book "Hear Us Roar - Unapologetic Women Leading in Corporate America" making a big splash. Her other books are "Recession Proof Yourself and I Quit - Working For You Isn't Working For Me" Her client list includes working with individuals from Worldpay, TSYS, Booz Allen, Microsoft, Northrup Grummond, Samsung, Global Payments, Bank of New York, Mellon and many other Fortune 500 companies. She is considered a thought leader for WNET (Women In Payments), and has written and delivered career content to 3,000 of their members. In 2020, WNET launched her career content webinars as well as a daily mediation class. Over 95% that participate are at the Vice President or Director level and over 100 joined the class within 3 weeks of the launch date. The reason? Elizabeth is just like them. In 2020, Forbes invited Elizabeth to join the Forbes Women Forum during COVID19, so she could weigh in on leadership issues. What makes Elizabeth highly unique is she is just like the executives she works with, coaches, and serves. She, herself, still works in Corporate America, for one of the biggest Fintech companies on the planet. She knows what it is like to try to find that ten minutes to re-focus, re-calibrate and calm down so she can bring that energy back into her work. Elizabeth's vision is to provide a place for the executive to explore mindfulness and meditation - on their own terms in a format and setting they could digest. What makes her the ideal teacher is she is just like them - she works, drinks a lot of Starbucks, shows up for meetings five minutes early and is the top producer in the company and still maintains a daily meditation practice, along with a marriage. Elizabeth's specialty is helping clients land the promotion, find a new job or simply bring their leadership game to the next level. Elizabeth knows why someone is hired, fired of promote before they do. When she isn't coaching the Who's Who to help them up their game in leadership, Elizabeth can be found on the back of her husband's Harley Davidson motorcycle or twisting in the yoga studio for hours on end.
Harry Kroner and Laura Emerald have been teaching personal and spiritual growth for over 20 years combined. they bring a down to earth, practical approach to learning and enhancing your talents and infinite potential. To learn more about Laura: https://spirit.learnitlive.com/LauraEmerald to learn more about Harry: https://spirit.learnitlive.com/harrykroner
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