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Iím Kris Oster, a Marketing Muse + Creativity Midwife born to empower God/desspreneurs, like you. In true form to my Renaissance soul, I believe all the twists and turns of your lifeís journey are sacred. Telling your unique story can bring in clients, customers and magic.

Though I have a deep and abiding love for all things mystical, I also speak the language of business and non-sleazy promotion. Iíve made one of my past employers over one million dollars with one email, devised major branding initiatives for E! and rocked website development for the likes of Disney, ...See All


B.A. Music, California State University, Northridge. Major: Music, Minor: Cultural Anthropology.

Ph.D., Pacifica Graduate Institute. Major: Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology. Dissertation Title: "Mothers, Female Tricksters, and Heroines:
A Mythological Portrait of Feminine Dynamism in Brazilian Candomblé and the Women Drummers Movement"

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As we make our way into the late Summer we celebrate the first harvest of our labors. This is a celebration circle to remember everything we've accomplished so far this year. Deep journaling exercises, meditations and vision journeys galore! I can't wait to connect. Many blessings, Kris
Plot out Your First Book/eBook and just start writing! How to get started writing that book you’ve always wanted to get out in the world.
Create Your First Online Workshop Tips and best practices to get your first online workshop going.
Join me for a rejuvenating fantasy Vision Journey into the inner regions of your heart. We'll have a circle check in too so we can tell our stories of the season. Wishing each of you bright Solstice Blessings!
Create an email series that’s branded, helps build your email list and keeps your current subscribers engaged. Great way to leverage content that you may want to include in eBook or print form later!
Newsletter Creation, Content Ideas and Best Practices. Get your newsletter going and create offers to help build your email list.
Branding your content: Exercises to help you get more clear on your brand and then create content that reflects it.