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Noor is a Certified International Professional Trainer currently working as a Training Manager at CrysTelCa; an Outsourcing Service Provider in Jordan, with a full range of inbound and outbound contact center services, consultancy and business process outsourcing.

Noor is an expert in managing internal and external training, planning & organising training on the company level, insuring effectiveness of training.

She also Coordinates with all trainers to ensure that all training sessions are run properly, conducts development and soft skills training like: leadership skills, telemarketing techniques, customer service, work ethics and loyalty, evaluation process ...See All


Jami'at Al-Zaytoonah Alordunia Al-Khassa
BA, English Translation

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Beat the heat of an angry customer in 6 steps! These steps along with understanding what a complaint is, understanding the customer's anger, changing your mindset when dealing with their anger, the staging technique, and the Triple A Approach will all be reviewed in "Complaint Handling"
How do you achieve excellent customer service? Know the customers! In this class we will overview the 6 basic different types of customers and how to best deal with them. We will review both internal and external customers. Time will also be taken to go over the Do and Don't of customer service based on the TYPE of customer (one of the six types). Join this class and take the time to get to know the customer.your customer today!
Noor Althafeer
Career Development > Communication
Ended: Jul 11, 2013 at 09:00 am EST
Sometimes all you get with a customer is one phone call to make or break their relationship with a business, that's why it is super important to know the bare basics of phone etiquette which includes but is not limited to: leaving a good first and last impression, high call quality, hold etiquette, voice, how to properly and professionally transfer a call, etcetera. We will go over the Golden Rules of quality customer service over the phone and the absolute don'ts of customer service. If you've ever wondered "am I doing this right?" or "can I do this better" when handling customers on the phone, take this class!
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