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Neeta Maharaj is a #1 Best Selling Author, an internationally known Intuitive Transformational Coach and Speaker. She is known for combining modern day psychological techniques with contemporary spiritual teachings.
With a current MSc. Positive Psychology & Coaching and being a licensed minister for Pleiadian Light Energy Healing, she uses relevant tools from both worlds, to help people move forward.

In addition, having gone through her own transformation from immense struggle to living life in her full potential, she now dedicates herself towards empowering people to reconnect to their inner guidance system and free themselves of ...See All


BSc. Industrial Engineering
MSc. Positive Psychology& Coaching (current)
Licensed Minister for Pleiadian Light Healing

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Are you struggling with your current job? Do you wish to live your life being of service, feeling fulfilled every day? I am here to assure you that each one of you was born with a blueprint of what you will achieve in this life and how you will fulfill your destiny. Uncovering YOUR UNIQUE blueprint can lead you to have a life of more fulfilment, happiness and joy. In this course, we go through the steps to uncover this blueprint. We look at powerful tools that will help you on your journey and we work together to coach you to overcome the blocks that keep you from moving forward with your purpose. We also give you a FREE Soul chart reading/ coaching, that looks into your specific chart role in this lifetime and possible areas that will be best for you! This is our signature course, that follows from the #1 Best Selling Book, "From Headless Chicken to Golden Goose". Within one month of launching this book, it quickly rose to a best seller on Amazon, and it received honorary accolades from New York Times Best Sellers; Janet Bray Atwood ( # 1 New York Times Best Seller Author of " The Passion Test" and " Your Hidden Riches") and Marci Shimoff (#1 New York Times Best Selling Author of " Happy for No Reason", " Love for No Reason" and " Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul"). ****** Every person that joins this course gets FREE Soul Chart Reading as part of the process ( Valued at 250 US per reading).
Do you desire to live a life knowing that every decision you make is the absolute best one? Without experiencing doubt, fear or anxiety? Most of us, at some point in our life, have experienced a sense of knowing about a person or situation, that turned out to be true. This sense of knowing, is called you Intuition and is a skill that EACH one of us has. It's your personal GPS that points you in the right direction at all times. Wouldn't you love to have access and use your personal GPS all the time, to navigate through life? My own process showed me that you can learn to increase your Intuitive-ness. And after working with several clients over the years , it showed me the same ; that one can indeed learn to increase their level of Intuitiveness. As with everything in life, the more you put your attention on something, the more it grows. The same holds true for our intuition. Hi, I'm Neeta.- Best selling author, Full Sensory Breakthrough coach, OM times media key trainer and metaphysical teacher. Being an engineer for 10 years taught me the value of marrying Science with Spirituality especially at this phase of our planetary evolution. Today, I combine the best tools in Psychology and Metaphysics to help people have powerful breakthroughs. I've studied Intuition from both sides of the coin. I've spent an awful lot of time, researching Intuition from a psychological and scientific perspective at a PhD level. I got esteemed Professors so excited about this topic, that right now, we're working together on a psychological paper and future experiments that will help the Scientific community understand this phenomenon deeper. From the Spiritual level, I spent years honing and refining my level of Intuition through strict meditation practices, Intuitive exercises that were shown to me by my own Spirit guides and using key tools that I learnt from energy healing school. I've learnt from some of the best teachers and gurus in the world and in my capacity as a licensed minister for Pleiadian Light Healing and a metaphysical teacher, I want to help the world tune in to this divine gift inside of themselves. Moving from years of suffering and pain to a life that is filled with synchronistic events and where I'm using my Intuition daily to guide me , has allowed me to open my heart and deeply desire to teach people to live more within their Spirited self- A Self that knows the answers to every possible thing that we would ever wish to know in this lifetime. You truly cannot put a price on something life changing like this. * Imagine being able to always trust your instincts on business decisions, relationships, the next steps to take to further your career and more. Wouldn't you be ten times happier in your life? * Imagine feeling so empowered that nothing makes you second guess yourself * Imagine experiencing the flow of life as synchronicities and miracles happen every day. Your life will change for the better and no amount of money in the world can account for the sheer joy you will gain from using your intuition more . In fact, just for the price of $6.70 each day, you can be part of this---that's the price of a cup of coffee! Now isn't that a small price to pay per day to help develop this ability?
Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction doesn't work for you? Or why it takes so long to manifest things in your life? Have you been reading affirmations after affirmations or meditating everyday and wonder why your life is not working out? The truth is, we've only been taught HALF the secret to the power behind the Law of Attraction. In this 1-hour class, I explain how the Law of Attraction really works. I will deep dive into the missing pieces that were never taught in mainstream media before. I then take you into powerful steps that will help you to navigate your energetic field to achieve anything you desire.
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