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Katrine van Wyk came to New York as a model from Norway seven years ago. She left the industry soon after to complete her studies. A personal journey in challenging the conventional wisdom about dieting and nutrition led her to becoming a holistic health coach. Katrine, in rejecting one single dietary solution, uses practical coaching methods to discover what works best for her client's health and lifestyle. She uses a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition that is more rewarding and way more fun. Working with Katrine you'll discover what healthy means for you -- absolutely no deprivation, starvation or ...See All

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Have you been considering making the transition to a gluten free life but are scared you might be missing out or become to restricted? In this class you'll find the motivation and tools you need to finally make the switch! Get your questions answered: -What is gluten and why are so many of us discovering that it's the culprit of many of our health problems? -How can cutting back or eliminating gluten benefit even those who aren't allergic or sensitive to gluten at the moment? -And how can we make a gluten free lifestyle fun and easy, even when eating out and traveling? Katrine van Wyk will tell you about her own journey to a gluten free life. Learn about why eating gluten-free is a healthier choice for all and how easy it can be to cut back on gluten in your everyday life. Tune in and get confident about choosing to live your gluten free life. Learn what you CAN eat, get some easy on the go snack ideas and find some fun treats for those moments when you're missing a familiar chewy or crunchy glutenous meal.
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