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Jodi Glickman is an expert in training young people how to be Great on the Job. Jodi is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, consultant and regular blogger for Harvard Business Review. She is a faculty member of the Johnson School’s Leadership Program at Cornell and a contributor to Fortune.Com and Business Insider. Her new book "Great on the Job, What
to Say, How to Say It, The Secrets of Getting Ahead" has been described as a veritable master class in workplace success.

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M.B.A. Johnson School, Cornell University
B.S. Social Policy, Northwestern University

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How do you make people love you when you�re looking for a job, trying to get a raise or promotion, or trying to build your business? This workshop will help you whip your elevator pitch into shape. Perfect Your Personal Pitch, a high-impact, hands-on session, was developed in conjunction with Harvard Business School and the Forte Foundation. This workshop provides concrete, actionable strategies to help tell a powerful and compelling story about who you are and what you want to do next with your career (destination); why you are uniquely qualified for a specific role (back story) and how your goals and background align to make perfect sense (connecting the dots).
Are you looking for a new job, gunning for a promotion, or trying to launch your own business? No matter what you’re aiming for, you’ve got to make people love you on the spot. Perfect Your Personal Pitch will help you do just that by whipping your elevator pitch into shape. This 60-minute webinar is a high-impact, hands-on session developed in conjunction with Harvard Business School and the Forte Foundation. Perfect Your Pitch provides a proven framework for telling a powerful story about who you are and where you’re going (destination); why you are uniquely qualified and compelling (back story); and how your goals and background align to make perfect sense (connecting the dots). Don’t miss it!
During your all important summer interview (a.k.a. internship), it’s vital to stand out, add value to the company, and constantly position yourself to get that full-time offer. This course will give you all of the critical communication training you didn't learn in school! Jodi knows how to make professionals look like stars at work. She is a leader in the career advice industry and knows how to provide enhanced on-the-job training to impress today’s decision makers. Overview of Class: Get the Help You Need - Learn how to ask for help (and still look smart) without being a burden Get the Assignments You Want - Get great work that will show you add value, and create opportunities for you to learn from experienced members of the company Get the Feedback You Deserve - Learn the best way to find out how you’re doing while there is time to improve Handle Screw Ups & Stumbles – Learn how to answer a question (you don’t know the answer to) Networking 101 - Get skills to build powerful relationships with key decision makers. Additional Information The most critical piece to being successful is setting yourself apart and getting decision makers to love you. Jodi Glickman is a leading career expert, and has two power areas of expertise: one, getting people hired, and two, becoming a star at work. Jodi is career expert who has created online seminars that teach people how to make others love them, and therefore get what they want. Jodi has developed these workshops to give professionals the point of difference. Jodi’s seminars provide a complete and detailed guide on how to get hired and be a star on the job. These workshops bring enhanced value to any professional. Jodi has the formula for confidence.