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This comprehensive guide details the immense capabilities of the Learn It Live virtual classroom. It provides a thorough explanation and description of all components of the video-conferencing software. You can reference this guide for any questions you have.

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Learn It Live connects groups to real-time classes with experts. Specializing in interactive health & wellness programs, we allow organizations to provide the best in online education to their entire group. Through a Learn It Live Learning Center, organizations easily connect their groups to real-time classes led by top experts in health & wellness and business. By accessing classes through a Learn It Live program, participants get real-time, personal instruction from a world-class instructor. We believe in the power of online education to spread knowledge, and have created a turnkey platform that allows organizations to easily leverage the power of online learning with experts. Since 2009, the Learn It Live team has worked passionately on online education. Our entire team is dedicated to the continued practice of spreading knowledge by making top-quality online education available to all.
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Virtual Classroom Comprehensive Guide
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