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Maybe you love vision boards or you heard an inspirational speaker talk about books “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Science of Getting Rich”, or the Law of Attraction so you gave it a try. Much to your surprise, you haven't seen results yet. It's frustrating. You wonder what you could be doing wrong or what's gone wrong. The problem is most people have only heard the simple steps of manifesting and because of that, most people don’t know what slows down the process that almost everyone does. Did you know that you use your soul energy to manifest everything in your life? In this course, we will cover what the energy of manifesting is and the 4 most common reasons why people get frustrated and are not seeing the results.
Learn to fly free in life and embrace these winds of change with the powerful medicine of Butterfly. Discover your healing Butterfly in a guided meditation and receive the magic of color healing from your spirit guide Butterfly. Understand the different stages of the Butterfly and transform yourself from caterpillar to butterfly in your new adventures. So get ready to dance with the wind and welcome this graceful and playful medicine guided into your life. This class will be live for your questions and recorded to practice the meditation again.
Kimberly Ray
Spirituality > Spiritual Development
Start: Aug 21, 2019 at 08:30 pm EDT
LIVE Channeling Spirit Session
For this year's anniversary, Kari and I will be hosting a live Stardust video. We will be having a reunion of the beings we have channeled before and bringing in any Sarsahr that wish to introduce themselves to us. You will be able to participate by asking questions to the beings we bring in.
If you are feeling stuck and challenged by your mindset, emotional and wellness goals or if you are struggling to figure out your life purpose and are ready to find a deep sense of meaning in your life � come and ask the Tarot with me... I help you recognize what the actual blocks are and then we have a look at the guidance that comes through for you in order to create a plan of action to get you from where you are to where you wish to be with grace and ease. These Ask the Tarot sessions will help you to: * Be more consciously aware of and work with your own intuitive nature * Recognize the difference between your intuition and limiting beliefs * Strengthen and develop the connection between your head and heart * Learn how important meditation and raising your spiritual vibe is * Develop your own reception of intuitive information through the your senses I use the Tarot as a psychological tool and am passionate about helping people recognize it in that regard - so there will also be a focus on educating and inspiring you to tap into and recognize your unique way of receiving intuition, insights and guidance. These sessions are for you if you are: * ready to take a journey of personal and spiritual growth and learn how I best receive intuitive information and insights for you * ready to develop and work with your intuition with more certainty, clarity, and confidence. * ready to create positive changes in all areas of your life and to create a solid foundation for developing your spiritual capacity.
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Do you want to create a refuge from the outside world? Well, energetically now you can! This is a way for you to build a matrix or 'web of light' around your home (or even further into our neighborhood if you wish), creating a sanctuary of 5th dimensional vibration for you and your family, that supports your spiritual growth as well as your ascension process, and gives you relief from stress and ascension symptoms. This is new technology that is reaching the earth now as we are ready to do this next step! Rachel has received teachings from the Ascended Master Sarah and in these classes you will receive the information and tools you need for 'how to grow your own ascension grid'! This work is also supporting the ascension of the earth and of humanity, and will be taught in a series of stages. Each class will be one and a half to two hours long. Ascended Master Sarah is a new ascended master teacher for the New Age. You can read more here For free tips and meditations join the Facebook group You might also be interested in
This is a 4-week, modular course designed to guide you through sourcing your intuitive connection. on September 1st you'll receive all course materials, guided meditations and writing prompts along with other materials to foster your growth and development. This is a self guided personal development course. You'll also have LIVE interaction weekly with Kimberly, via webinar video chat for Q & A time. You will have a total of 6 Live sessions with Kim within these 4 weeks! Source your intuition and develop your personal gifts through this guided course, and enrich your life!
Jamie Butler
Spirituality > Other
Start: Sep 06, 2019 at 10:00 am EDT
In this 2 part class, Jamie will go into depth on how to clean your own personal energy as well as your room or home's energy. This cleansing will prep space you will be working in on a daily basis. Together you will go over Energy 101: the basics of energy. You will get answers to many questions including What is the energetic system? What role do Chakras play in my life? How can I see the subtle light body? and How do my thoughts help or hinder my progress? You will learn light physical exercises and breathing techniques that will enhance your natural psychic abilities. Jamie will take you through guided meditations to meet your guides, and teach you the basics in clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsensitive communication with your guides and loved ones, including your pets! The Love and Light Chakra chart is highly recommended to go along with this class, however, it is not a class requirement. It will be referred to in class a lot and it makes a wonderful reference tool. It is available on my website here: This four-hour class will be divided into two sessions of two hours each. The price includes both classes. Please note that Jamie will sign on to Learn it Live 30 minutes before the start of class and stay on some additional minutes after class ends to take class questions and chat with the group. After this class is live, it will be recorded and students will be able to watch as many times as they would like. The cost of this 2 part class is $275.
This webinar is a precursor to SoulTreat 2019 in amazing Sedona, Arizona. In this course, we will cover: - What are the Akashic Records - How they assist in self-transformation - The one-on-one Akashic Records Consultation Process You will be able to: - Gain a clearer understanding of the Akashic Records - Learn how to prepare for a consultation or reading - Walk away with one inspired action to take I would love to meet you in person, connect and hold space with you on your journey to be your best self! Join me at SoulTreat in Sedona, Arizona => I will be hosting a special taster VIP experience: One-on-one Akashic Records Consultations!
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Pamela Cummins
Spirituality > Other
Start: Sep 08, 2019 at 12:00 pm EDT
Have you ever had a dream that predicted the future? Perhaps, you realized it after the fact? In this fascinating class, you will discover how to tell the difference between precognitive dreams showing you premonitions of the future. Or if it was a dream that was from a different category. Okay, so now you know it is a precognitive dream, what do you do with this information? Find out how to take advantage of the gifts you are receiving to avoid disaster or actions to take for a favorable outcome in your life.
CALLING is a vision quest with your life! This is the opening material for the online Calling element I am bringing to Learn It Live this Summer. CALLING is a short visionary shamanic programme designed to connect you even more deeply with the calling you hold within and set you off on a month's visit quest with your life. By opening you to the nature world and the season of Summer moving through into Autumn, a movement towards the calling of the earth and everything in it is reached. The programme includes introductory material that focuses you on the unfolding journey, a programme of 4 week's tasks and welcomes individual feed back. There is a 90 minute class on 8 September followed by a 9- minute class on 6 October. The course coaches you with nature and presence through to the heart of your individual calling and helps to understand, clear and transform blocks and difficulties. Carol Day is a trained counsellor, artist, constellation therapist, teacher and shamanic operator whose passion is supporting and freeing creative flow and listening to the essential nature of everyone and everything. She produces excellent results in enabling the emergence and path of those she works with.
Jamie Butler
Spirituality > Other
Start: Oct 25, 2019 at 10:00 am EDT
Do you already know the basics? Get ready for Jamie's fun and informative intermediate mediumship class! Once the basics are in place this two-part class will start to get you into the world of spirit communication. She will share with you how Aromatherapy, Crystals, Sound, Movement and Color can enhance your health, balance your emotions, and strengthen your connection to the beyond. Gain more clarity on how you perceive different signs and messages. Discover the art of mono-tasking and caring less as this will help you communicate to spirit easier. Who can take the class? This class is designed for anyone of any age who already has a good understanding of the chakra system, energy, and who can clean their own energy as well as their private space, and go a bit deeper into receiving messages from the 'Home'. This four-hour class will be divided into two sessions of two hours each. The price includes both classes. Please note that Jamie will sign on to Learn it Live 30 minutes before the start of class and stay on 30 additional minutes after class ends to take class questions and chat with the group. After this class is live, it will be recorded and students will be able to watch as many times as they would like! The cost of this two-part class is $325 Pre-requisites: Basic Mediumship
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