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How do you know if the road you are on is taking you where *you* want to go? Do you sometimes feel like every move you make is like sludging through molasses? So many of us who are drawn to the fields of spirituality and healing have a deeply powerful sense of empathy, which is one of our greatest gifts. Unfortunately, all too often, we end up taking on thoughts, judgments, dreams, and goals that don't belong to us. Not only can this be stressful and exhausting, but it robs the world of the unique contribution that only you can make. So how can you tell if you're trying to live your life by someone else's rules? And, more importantly: what can you do about it? Releasing Shoulds & Other People's Goals is a dynamic, practical program to help you clear out false obligations so that the magnificence of your true path can unfold before you. In this course, you will learn: * What "Shoulds and Other People's Goals (OPGs)" are and why it matters * How you can identify Shoulds and OPGs in your own life *How you can release these Shoulds and OPGs to allow your natural brilliance to emerge
Like a teacup already full to overflowing, we can not pursue new dreams or goals when we're drowning in old patterns and projects. In this presentation, you'll learn the four different categories of release, as well as techniques to lovingly honor and let go of those things which do not currently support your new path, freeing you to spread your wings. NOTE: This is an encore presentation of the class, as I seem to have accidentally deleted the original recording. NOTE CHANGE IN DATE.