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The two session Sensitive Human series goes deeper into the journey of Empathic Empowerment. Each session of this series will explore in greater depth: ~Triggers ~Feelings ~Reactions ~Deep Listening in Soul Space We will work in "Soul Space communication"- a way of inner communication and embrace refined through private client assistance over the years. These are actively participatory classes. When you log in for the class be sure to enable your microphone to enable ease of interaction, although you may also choose the chat space to communicate if you prefer privacy.
What an exciting Season, once again we have the opportunity to reflect on the bounty of your hard work, the blessings we have and most of all, to reflect on the light and the dark side of your self. This time is all about equality and balance as you prepare for the coming Winter months. In this class, my goal is to bring you simple techniques to help keep you grounded through Breath work as you become more aware of the present moment. We will have an opportunity to share your experiences with the group after the session.
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