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Good health for life starts at day 1 that you begin to share your life with an animal. If you have puppies and kittens, or are thinking of getting them, I will cover the basics of the health care aspects. These health perspectives are the same for adults, so even if you no longer have a baby - this class will be a great overview. When and how much do you vaccinate? What do you feed? When do you start a puppy (if you are breeding) on a fresh food diet? When would you start heartworm preventative or should you? What about fleas and ticks on young animals?
What are the 7 key steps to building the health of all the animals in your life? Your choices (fresh diet, vaccines, chemicals, lifestyle, attention, meditation, poop, litter) can improve your companion's health as well as that of the planet. We are all spiritual beings in physical bodies for a short time so how can you make choices that allow all beings around you maximize their time on earth? Practically - save money and enjoy your relationship as you make conscious, healthy decisions for your whole family.
Is a dog's spirit different than yours? Is their body very different - muscles, heart, liver, skin....? Treating your dogs, horses and cats at home follows the same guidelines you use for yourself. Balance. Balance the emotions, the spirit, the physical. Every symptom is a sign of energetic imbalance and maybe all that is needed is for you to meditate with your companions. Or use Reiki, TTouch, Healing touch for animals (chakra work), flower essences, essential oils, massage, reflexology, craniosacral or more. All my classes are interactive so those attending the live class will drive the material covered.
If you know that the best food for people is fresh, locally sources and a lot of variety, what stops you from feeding this to your dogs, cats and horses? Fear. Do not know how to "balance" the diet. Too expensive. Takes too much time. My cat will not eat it. It is messy. I will get sick from it. Learn what is true about home prepared fresh food and how to integrate it into your family meals for the dogs and cats. If horse people are in the class - how to find the best foods for your horses and make it easy for all to feed (if at a stable). Expand what you learned in the 30 minute free session about the spirit of foods, the essence of what we feed our companions. How can we be mindful in the preparation, serving and eating of the food? The dog "chows down" - they are not watching TV or chatting with friends, so though fast, it is still mindful. As in all the classes, this is very interactive so if you are in the live class, you can drive the level of discussion.
Learn 7 keys that can help your companions stay healthy and save you money, too - 1. feed the best, 2. Vaccinate the least, 3. minimize toxins, 4. Learn healing methods you can do daily at home, 5. Create a team of holistic vets and lay people to call on when needed, 6. Understand how animals become ill (people too) and heal themselves and 7. learn how to know where they are now on the health spectrum.
We all try to avoid toxins for ourselves and our animals - but they are hiding everywhere. Vaccines, flea chemicals, furniture, paint, commercial food, fresh food and more. Where are they, what can you do about it? This is an interactive class, so bring your questions and successes. When toxins are present or must be used, how can our spiritual attitude make a difference? What happens when we let go of fear and trust the best? Can we use Reiki or prayer to shift the energy of something we consider toxic? How can we best partner with Mother Earth?
FREE 30 minute class on what is the best food for your cats, dogs and horses to eat. Start by answering a few questions - what is the best food for you to eat? Where would you get it? Is one food right for each person? Now, what do dogs, cats and horses eat in the wild? When food is prepared mindfully, maybe with singing, chanting or praying...when food is served mindfully...and eaten mindfully - the spirits of the plants, animals, soil, insects and Mother Earth and other spirits are nurtured. This does not happen as easily with dry or canned or even frozen raw foods.