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Mon Apr 18 at 09:00 pm EST
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Good health for life starts at day 1 that you begin to share your life with an animal. If you have puppies and kittens, or are thinking of getting them, I will cover the basics of the health care aspects. These health perspectives are the same for adults, so even if you no longer have a baby - this class will be a great overview.

When and how much do you vaccinate? What do you feed? When do you start a puppy (if you are breeding) on a fresh food diet? When would you start heartworm ...See All
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    Mon Apr 18 at 09:00 pm EST
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Healthy Animals start as Healthy Puppies and Kittens
60 Minute Session
Mon Apr 18 at 08:00 pm EST
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My commitment is to empower people to heal themselves and their animals in ways that heal the planet. I am profoundly connected to the universe, Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth. Graduated from UGA College of Veterinary medicine 1980 (age 30) after working as a veterinary assistant since age 11. Began 100% homeopathic practice in 1988. Have lectured and taught over 5,000 pet owners and veterinarians since 1986. Author of the Healthy Animal's Journal, Healthy Dog Journal ebook, a tutorial of the Homeopathic Repertory (with Karen Allen), Fleas Be Gone (kindle) and How to have a Stress Free Wedding (with Mort Orman, MD). Currently I am doing Pet Health Coaching along with my speaking/lecturing/free internet advice.
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