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Tue Apr 28 at 03:00 pm EDT
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This fitness program is designed so that everyone can participate. There will be a mix of stretching and dynamic movements to get a full body workout.
Be prepared to move and sweat. Wear appropriate workout clothes and set yourself up in a place that will allow you to move around.
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    Tue Apr 28 at 03:00 pm EDT
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Fast & Fun Fitness
30 Minute Session
Tue Apr 28 at 02:30 pm EDT
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Frank Nunez is an expert trainer and founder of Unicus Fitness. He developed Unicus with the goal to create the most effective, unique, "results above all else" fitness programming. What started as a big dream has now become reality with six Chicagoland locations and thousands of success stories. A fitness professional with almost 20 years of experience, Frank has worked with thousands of clients and helped developed hundreds of personal trainers. His real specialty is in program and training systems development with examples such as the HEAT Program for Fire/Police/Homeland Security and Beach Body Emergency being just a small sampling of his programming expertise.
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