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Thu Nov 12 at 08:00 pm EST
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Knowing you are an Empath or HSP is half the battle. The other half is learning how to manage your energy so you can experience your sensitivities as a gift and reclaim your personal power. Energetic overwhelm can affect you in several ways. You not only struggle with your day-to-day productivity but manifesting your ultimate dreams and desires is met with inner resistance because your energy field is already oversaturated. Understanding your unique energetic needs to create healthy and sustainable boundaries is a must.

In this workshop, Jean Bromage will share with you a simple energetic ...See All
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    Thu Nov 12 at 08:00 pm EST
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Overcome the Overwhelm: Energy Management for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People
60 Minute Session
Thu Nov 12 at 07:00 pm EST
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Jean Bromage is the founder of Reiki Essence Healing Arts, a wellness practice centered on the belief that you can free yourself from old patterns and disempowering entanglements by reconnecting to your essence through energy work and other healing modalities. Since 2003, she has helped others heal their physical and emotional challenges while awakening to their inner wisdom, creative expression, and intuitive sensitivities. Through both her healing work and classes, Jean inspires others to explore the space within that is unshakably whole, healed and complete in order to thrive and meet each day with a renewed sense of love, joy and compassion for themselves and others. Beyond her general practice, Jean works with cancer patients to create a sacred space for healing and cultivating a life-affirming mindset. As a certified Medical Reiki Master with Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International LLC, she is qualified to be present during surgery to offer Reiki to the patient. Because of this groundbreaking work, Jean co-founded the event Create Ground: Reiki as an Integrative Approach to Cancer to raise awareness of the benefits of Reiki not only for patients, but for their loved ones and caregivers. At this event, Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, Chief, Breast Surgery and Breast Surgical Oncology at Montefiore Medical Center and Chair of Medical Reiki Works, spoke of the research he is conducting on the benefits of Reiki for patients undergoing surgery. Jean is also the creatrix of Reiki Essence Candles, a line of candles infused with the healing light of Reiki. Each time you light a Reiki Essence candle, its luminescence reflects the great Reiki light that resides within each of us. Learn more at