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Members join us to learn all that ATN has accomplished this year and meet the Board nominees. Even if you've already voted, please join us to celebrate the progress we're making in helping traumatized children and their families!
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How do we know when it's time to seek a professional to help promote healing for our traumatized child? How do we know who to approach and the type of care you should expect your child to receive? "Is Therapy Necessary?" is the 5th webinar of our Essentials Conversations for Therapeutic Parents series and takes a useful approach to seeking professional help for your child and family.
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What is Therapeutic Parenting and how is it different from typical parenting? This 3rd webinar of the Essentials Conversation Series is focused on answering this and many other questions about this purposeful, healing parenting. If you, or someone you know is parenting a child who has experienced early childhood trauma, the information in this webinar is crucial for your family and a source of encouragement.
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