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Does your child experience BIG emotions? Are you baffled by the little things that 'set off' your kid? THIS WEBINAR IS FOR YOU! Melissa Schwartz is a highly sensitive adult teaching parents from firsthand experience. + Learn what drives your child's 'huge reactions' + Discover how to prevent meltdowns from happening + Get specific in-the-moment language to diffuse an 'energetic explostion' + Become aware of self-care practices to help (you and) your child self-regulate This is an interactive webinar for parents with children of all ages! Join live to ask questions and participate.
Melissa Schwartz
Recorded: Feb 20, 2017 at 10:00 pm EDT
Disciplining a Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) can be confusing! "I'm not sure what to do when he hits/bites" "She has huge emotional reactions." "Time-outs don't seem to be working." "We took away his toys when he acted out but that only made things worse." "If I can't punish her then how do I get her to listen to me??" "My husband thinks I coddle her." "My son manipulates my wife and gets whatever he wants!" These are common concerns I hear from parents I've coached privately. In this webinar I will give you (1) insight and understanding into how to discipline a HSC and (2) specific language and routines to shift their behavior immediately. This webinar is geared towards parents of children age 7 and younger. If you have questions or challenges you are welcome to email me at [email protected] in advance of the webinar so I can address your specific needs. Your submissions will remain anonymous.
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