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I am a student of class six. I want to learn English from learnitlive.com.
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Vicki Kessel
Language > English
Ended: Feb 17, 2012 at 05:00 pm EDT
This is a scheduled 4:00 TWOL class for the advanced class. It is scheduled for 4:00 HAITI time. Which makes it 3:00 Central. You may join us from the Delmas classroom or you can join us via your own computer. Bring your friends!
This class involves ten sessions over the course of three weeks, for a total of ten hours of virtual classroom experience. You will have opportunities to practice conversation with fellow students and the instructor. This includes developing interview, critical thinking and conversational skills. The class will also focus on improving English vocabulary and phrases used in job interviews and social situations.
Chris Naffziger
Language > English
Recorded: Jan 02, 2012 at 09:00 am EDT
This class involves six sessions over the course of two weeks, for a total of 6 hours of virtual classroom experience. You will have opportunities to speak in English and have your pronunciation critiqued. You will also be able to improve your English vocabulary, as we will be reading articles about the news in the United States as well as other countries around the world. The class is flexible, and often we will spend time discussing issues that concern you as an English learner.
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