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Psychic Medium and Akashic Records Reader Shelly J. Miller has had her Spiritual Abilities since birth and has been Reading and Coaching professionally for 30 years. Shelly reads at the Mastery Level and can render deeply accurate and detailed Guidance on any subject. As a Medium, Shelly brings you evidential and validating Messages and full interactive conversations to you from your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters on the Other Side. She is an Expert at helping you release limiting patterns and move forward in a positive direction. Shelly does Spiritual Coaching from A Course In Miracles ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Shelly J. Miller has had her Spiritual Gifts since birth and has been Reading and Coaching professionally for 30 years. She is a Psychic, a Medium and an Akashic Records Reader, Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Coach. Has been a full body Channel and Receiver of Galactic Brotherhood of Light, Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and the Devic Kingdom. Teaches, does public and private events and has her own radio show.

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Shelly J. Miller
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Start: Jan 22, 2021 at 09:00 pm EST
Free Class Thursday January 22, 2020 6:00-7:00 PM Pacific Time, 9-10 PM Eastern Psychic, Medium Shelly J. Miller will talk about Conscious Manifestation in these changing times, where we must become aware of the Transcendent and our true essence to find our happiness. Shelly will talk about how to release negative thinking and limiting patterns of belief, raising your vibration and align yourself with the Source of All Supply and the Spiritual Realm to manifest what is meant for you in all areas of your life. Don’t miss this deeper dive into Being vs. Doing to allow what is yours to come to you with greater ease, and to assist your Spiritual Awakening. Questions? [email protected]
Join Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records Reader and Spiritual Coach Shelly J. Miller for an hour of learning how to choose to find inner peace in the difficult times we are living in. Many people are finding themselves falling into the trap of fear generated and encouraged by the media, social media, and the hive group mind. Shelly will help to lead you out of fear into a daily practice of finding the inner peace you need to think clearly and be Divinely Guided through the chaos. Shelly will share the Higher Spiritual view you may not know is available to you to see yourself, others, and the world we live in such a way that you Awaken Spiritually. Learn how the choice for love and peace over fear will lead you to a lasting experience of the unconditional love and peace that resides within you and lasts eternally, no matter what the outer circumstances are. This information will change your life.
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