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As a Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Business Mentor, and Social Media Magnate Sean Moffett cares about helping people master business and social media to create success.

Sean started The Moffett Company after decades of leading and developing sales and business teams to award winning results. In 2008 he saw two critical shifts in how business was being done and saw how business was not reacting. These 2 big changes were buyer empowerment and social media and they have changed sales, business, and communication yet no one was capitalizing on these shifts. Sean is changing that.
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#1 Sales Expert to Follow on Twitter - 2013
40 Under 40 Business Award Winner
National Sales Champion - BMW

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WOW Factor Sales Success Program for the Real Estate Industry will teach you how to sell in the new economic reality. This 10 week course will be THE key information and how to YOU need to create massive sales success today and for the rest of your career.
Sean Moffett
Career Development
Recorded: Jul 16, 2013 at 08:30 pm EST
Turning Twitter Into Cash will teach you how to take your Twitter platform from a time taker to a money maker in 4 easy steps. My clients use this process to make thousands of dollars a month for their businesses. I will teach you how to connect, communicate with, and close all the business you want through your Twitter account. Don't wait; now's the time. Social media is not about your lunch, the weather, or the latest news buzz about Kayne and Kim. It’s about connecting with more clients than you can imagine and making money. Talking to your friends is cool, but it’s shameful to see such an amazing tool used in such an in-opportunistic manner. Twitter isn’t just something you are ‘obliged’ to do or purely social. Social Media is the only way to grow your business today. Social Media is how you connect with every prospective client. It’s how you communicate with them. You are able to create a bond with them and they, in turn, bond with your business. This bond creates belief and trust in you. Establishing such high-level relationships allows you to close business confidently. Social Media is for closers. I started using social media in 2010 because that’s what everyone was doing. I remember standing at the island of a friends kitchen asking him how to open a Twitter account and what the point of it was. He said, “It’s basically just a running list of Facebook updates.” What a ringing endorsement. I had just started my sales training business and had no budget to market myself and no idea how to scale my reach. As I played with Twitter I began connecting to people from all around North America. The more I connected with them, mentioned them, grew the conversation, and related with them the more I learned these connections needed my sales training and consulting. I developed the process of turning Twitter into cash to bring cash to my business. I needed it. Once I learned to execute this process as HOW I engaged Twitter, the cash never stopped flowing in and now my clients are replicating the process for themselves. Twitter is the access point to the connections you need. Connections make you money. It’s easy and cheap. Use Social Media at it’s highest level. Connect with people to make them feel special and loved, communicate with them to show how you provide incredible relational value and are the solver of their big problems, and then close the business opportunities this creates confidently creating massive cash flow and success. It’s time to benefit from technology to find new ways to connect with your clients. It’s time to turn your twitter account into a profit center. Start now.
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