Dr. Rosie Kuhn, is the creator of the Transformational Coaching Training Program. She is a Life and Executive coach, and the author of many books, including, Self-Empowerment 101, which is a culmination of her work as a life coach, marriage and family therapist, spiritual guide, and facilitator of Transformational Coaching. Dr. Rosie has worked in the field of human development for over 30 years, including addictions and recovery, family violence and spiritual direction. She works internationally as a speaker, trainer and executive coach in Moscow, London, Prague, and Tel Aviv.

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MA in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy;
Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology,
Life and Spiritual Coach

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Expert in the fields of Recovery, Spiritual Direction, Life and Business Coaching, Transformational Leadership Development, Transformational Coaching, Motivational Speaker.

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I work with individuals, empower them to have the life they want. I support people in finding out what will bring them optimum joy and fulfillment of their human spirit. I work with executives, organizations, and individuals. I also train people to be Transformational Life Coaches.

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Some of the happiest couples on the planet found their soul-mates well after 50 years old. Aging and old age doesn't mean you are any less you - loveable and beautiful. Let's talk about what's possible and what needs to shift so that you are an invitation to love and fulfillment with a partner.
Rosie Kuhn
Recorded: Dec 10, 2015 at 10:00 pm EDT
To parent like a guru requires mindfulness as well as a beginner's mind. It requires a clear intention of what is desired through this life-long spiritual practice of parenting. It takes courage to look deeply into one's being for what is in alignment with our highest desires for our children and grandchildren. We gain curiosity, so we willingly look at our beliefs, interpretations and ways of being, which may interfere with following through, moment by moment, to the fulfillment of our desire to parent like a guru. This course is an introduction to the practice of parenting with your own unique spiritual values and principles in mind. As you cultivate awareness of the many life elements that influence your parenting, you will gain self-trust, self-respect and honor of your own inner parent-guru. You will leave with tools to empower you to choose in ways that provide the desires you are wanting, for you and your children. You will be thrilled as you increase your potential for making your child's spirit soar. This course comes from my most recently published book: Cultivating Spirituality in Children: 101 Ways to Make Every Child's Spirit Soar. As a grandparent I questioned the best way to teach my grandson about spirituality. This internal discussion inspired me to write the book. A free video series: Parent Like a Guru, also grew out of this book. And now this introductory course. Who knows where all of this could lead?