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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Aiman holds an engineering degree from ASU, an MBA, and currently pursuing an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate with Stanford. Originally from Saudi Arabia, Aiman has worked with large multinational organizations such as Unilever, the International Monetary Fund, and Emirates Airline. Currently he is a serial entrepreneur, investor and digital nomad, with a diverse portfolio of tech companies around the world. He also mentors and advises startups and conducts seminars and workshops on many topics, included the special soft skills that help entrepreneurs to succeed.

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Entrepreneurs change the world and create the future. They focus their energies on solving problems, improving things around them and making a positive impact on peoples’ lives everywhere. To do this, most true entrepreneurs embody several characteristics which help them align their lifestyles around this pursuit – to be in the best possible position to achieve their goals successfully. This lifestyle can bestow many benefits on its followers starting with substantial income and influential status in society, making lifelong dreams and ambitions come true, and having a fulfilling life full of excitement and adventure. It can also bring long-term physical and mental health benefits, and of course, aims to improve the whole world around us and make it a better place for everyone.
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